7 simple steps to be happier¬†ūüéČ



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Have you ever wondered why there was nothing exciting happening in your life and where the hell is all the happiness in the world?

We, human, are a very emotional species. We do not live to survive, we live and always demand to be happier, to be more successful, to be admired.

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1. Appreciate what you have the right way

Have you ever stopped just for a second to think if happiness is right next to you or not? It may be a lot closer than you think it is. Do you have a loving wife, beautiful kids who love you? Do you have a mother who cares for you? Do you have any friend to share your day? Do you have a little puppy that keeps you smiling?

Aren’t those things the signs of happiness?
So first step to being happier is: start appreciating what you have – but in the right way.
Do not just think: hey, I appreciate what I have. It’s not enough.
If you genuinely feel grateful for what you have, then actually say it out loud, do things to show the people you love that you appreciate them.

Below are the simple things you can do to start showing your appreciation the right way: 

  • Start saying “I love you” EVERY DAY to your wife, your kids, your mom… to any important person in your life.¬†
  • Start spending time with the people you love more. Just 10-15 minutes more each day will be enough. I am working full-time and running two site businesses, and I am very guilty for not caring about my kids. I learnt it the hard way and these days; I spent at least an hour with my kids EVERY DAY. I exercise together with them. I read them bedtime stories and those happy moments make me understand why I am working so hard.
  • Start calling or messaging your friend asking how their day is going. Organize some date to catch up with your friends.

If everyone can do these simple things every day, I am pretty sure the divorce rate will be a lot lower, and we can wake up every day knowing that somewhere out there, there are a lot of people caring about us. That’s true happiness.

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2. Enjoy your life without a mobile phone

Do you remember the last time you went outside without having a mobile phone with you? Be truly honest to yourself and answer this question: How much time do you spend on your mobile phone each day?

Next, does spending time on your mobile phone make you feel happier? If the answer is yes, then why are you reading this blog now? If you find your way to this blog, I am pretty sure you own a smartphone, which gives you the power to access any information that you need, connect with millions of people in the world if you want. Yet, we still feel unhappy. So it’s time to put down the phone and start enjoying your real life. Go for a walk in the park. Cook some delicious food with your kid. Go for a movie with the entire family.

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3. Learn something new, something exciting

“Damn, that was painful, but it sure was fun” That was my thought after doing the first Martial and Parkour classes. I was turning 36 this year. Life was super busy. Working full time plus managing two side businesses and a family to look after took a lot of my time.

It took me a long time to understand this: “If you do not control your life’s environment, you will become the slave of your life”.

So I started looking into the list of things I have always wanted to do. I made up my mind that every year, I would begin to learn something new, something exciting that I wish to. I searched for the classes around me; I called them and enrolled right away.

You probably think: “What’s about work, what’s about the family? You can’t do that!” And, yes, you can if you truly want to do it, you will know how to organize your schedule, you will start getting rid of activities that bring you no good, you will begin to spend more quality time with your family instead of sitting next to them but browsing your smartphone. And trust me, you will experience a new kind of happiness! The happiness of being bold, of doing something you have always wanted, of meeting new people!

4.¬†Saying “YES” to the activities you have never done before

Life is short. How can you find the sort of activities you love? There is only one way to know. Try them all! Create a list of activities you have not tried before and started giving them a go. I began to say YES to all the activities and events happening in my company! I play volleyball, soccer, yoga once a week with the peeps and it’s great.

5. Have a healthy lifestyle together with your family

Properly up until now, you will start to think: What about your family? You cannot possibly do all these kinds of things yet maintaining a good, quality time with your family.

YOU CAN, by doing those fun activities with your family! When I started the martial art and parkour classes, I enrolled my kids along. We trained together, fell together and had a lot of fun together. On the way home, they told me more about their day. I took them out for dinner and seriously it’s so much fun. My wife was quite busy with her work as well, so after I got home from the training, I would spend the next 30′ to teach her what I have learnt.

Again, we exercised together, and we talked about our day.

6. Do one good thing a day (if possible)

You do not have to be the Superman saving the city from a meteor. Helping an older woman to carry her heavy bag upstairs; picking up a leftover coffee cup tossed on the street and put it in the bin… Trust me if you start looking for people who need help. They are everywhere! You have to ask if you can not see them. Ask your mom if she needs to get anything from the mall; ask your team member if they need any help with work; ask your wife if she needs a quick massage after a long day at work…

Helping others is the easiest way to put a smile on your face.

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7. Keep a happiness journal

Constantly reminding yourself that you are living a great life is the most straightforward step you can do to be happier. Every day before going to sleep, write down three ordinary things that make you feel good. They can be: went out for a movie with my friends; cooked a great dinner together with my wife; went shopping with my mom; read a good book… This simple step will help you feel appreciated and look forward to another happy day to come. A small notebook will do the job, or if you are geek type person, you can use digital apps like Notes, or Evernote.

Last but not least, be consistent. Do not just do these steps for like three days then stop. The steps above are straightforward to do, yet they are also very easy NOT TO DO. If you do not have the will to keep, go after happiness, it will slip away from you.