9 Surprising Christmas games for kids




Imagine you are the host of the Christmas party. All your friends are here. You can hear the laughs, chats everywhere. Everyone enjoys the party that you spend nearly two weeks to prepare. BUT…

You forget one thing: the kids! Look at them! They are so bored. They eat, they look around and have no idea what to do, what to play. Now you feel so guilty.

I used to be in that situation, and it was easy to come up with some lame excuses like “I will do better next time!” or “Well, the kids can still play together!”. Don’t do that! The kids deserve a great Christmas party like everyone else. So in this blog, I want to share 9 exciting games you can organize to the kids this Christmas.

1. Gift unwrap relay

This game is famous for being one of the most popular and most entertaining Christmas game in the world.

– A lot of empty boxes.
– Time to wrap the presents beforehand.

How to play:
– First, you place different kinds of holiday treats in one box and wrap it. Not that the treats should be plenty enough so all the children playing the game can get some.
– Next, you will place the wrapped box inside a larger box and then wrap that one.
– You will continue wrapping the box, layer upon layer, for as long as you think is necessary.
– When the children get there, tell them to sit in a circle.
– Start a Christmas song then pause it periodically.
– Allow the kid holding the gift at the time to unwrap a single layer of the boxes.
– Keep going until they unwrap all the layers of the boxes.
– After this, you will then hand out the treats in the inner box to all the kids present.

If you do not have enough boxes, you can try using one box and wrapping it in many layers of paper. To make this game a little bit more challenging, you can also tell the kids to wear mittens and unwrap the boxes.

2. The twelve days of Christmas relay

Every kid loves a relay race especially when the competition is based on Christmas.

– You have to gather a collection of different items that are named in the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. (Turtle doves on the second day, three fresh hens on the third day and five golden rings on the fifth day)
– For instance, you can browse the Internet for the pictures or use recycled Christmas cards. Some people also use items around the house like a plastic bird to represent the partridge for the first day of Christmas.
– Make sure the things you choose are easy for the kids to understand.
– You can also label the items if you think that your kids might not be able to match the items to the days.

How to play:
– You will divide the children into two groups, and you will have a complete set of items for each group.
– Provide each group with an empty bucket and put the two buckets and the items at opposite ends of the room
– When you tell the kids to start, they will begin the race. Each group will begin gathering the items in the order of the lyrics.
– The first kid will take the partridge in the pear tree and bring it to the group. The second kid will take two turtle doves and bring it to the group, and the game goes on like that.
– The group that wins is the first group to collect all the twelve items in their bucket in the right order.

3. The amazing holiday maze

This is another great Christmas party game.

– First, you will need a ball of string or yarn for each kid and a small prize at the end of each one.
– You will find a place to hide the prize and then unwind the ball of string or yarn around the room.
– You pass it around the banisters, behind the furniture, and under the table.
– Then you tie a pen to the remaining end of the yarn.
– You will repeat this procedure for each ball of yarn that you have and cross the strings amongst one another.

How to play:
– You will give them each a pen with the string attached and tell them that there is a prize at the other end of the string.
– The kids will then wind the string around the pen until they get to the prize.

4. Mystery stocking

– Fill a stocking with a collection of mystery items like crayons, toys, stuffed animals, a pack of cards or a ball…

How to play:
– You tell the kids to sit in a circular manner
– You pass the stocking around the circle.
– Then you will tell the kids to guess what the mystery item inside the stocking.
– Allow the kids to shake the stocking, smell it and even feel the stocking to find out the shape of the mystery item.

5. Santa doesn’t say

– Get enough Santa hats for all the kids that want to play the game.

How to play:
– Pin the name of a holiday character on top of each Santa hat.
– Without letting them see the name pinned to the hats, put a hat on each kid’s head.
– Tell the kids to move around the room and ask each other questions to guess the name pinned to their hats.
– The first kid to guess the name pinned on his or her hat wins the game.

6. Holiday ABC’s

How to play:
– Give each kid a piece of paper with all the letters of the alphabets written vertically from A to Z.
– Split the kids into groups
– You will tell each group to come up with a holiday word for each letter.
– The first group to complete their list is the winner.

7. Name that holiday tune

This is another great Christmas party game that the kids can play.

– Prepare a list of Christmas songs.

How to play:
– You play a few notes from a Christmas song and have the kids guess the name of the song.
– To make the game more interesting, you can even ask them to guess the name of the artist.

8. Do you see what I see

How to play:
– Tell two children to sit in front of the group, back to back.
– Give one kid a holiday object (like an ornament) and give the other kid a piece of paper and something to draw with.
– The kid with holiday object is not allowed to say what object he/she is holding, but he/she can describe the item so the other kid can try to draw it.
– The better the description of the first kid the better the quality of the final picture drawn by the second kid.

There is another version of this game which you give two kids two trays containing the same objects. The kids will have to arrange their trays similarly without looking at each other’s tray or naming anything in the tray.

9. Limbo with a belly

This is another great Christmas party game where all the kids feel like being “in limbo”. You can put a holiday twist on this game by making use of a strand of garland or a set of Christmas lights instead of a limbo stick.