Best places to travel to for Christmas 2018




Sakura photo

Photograph by Sora Sagano via Unsplash

Tokyo, Japan

If you would rather go to Asia for the Christmas break, then Tokyo will probably be one of the most popular options. Tokyo is renowned for the grand way in which Christmas is celebrated and many tourists visit every year as there is a lot to see and do. The city is beautifully lit and literally aglow with lights and projections. Some of the most popular include the Marunouchi Area, Harajaku’s Omotesando Street, and the Starlight Garden in Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi. The latter is literally a magical wonderland and a must see. There are thousands of LED lights decorating the outdoor grounds of the Tokyo Midtown shopping complex, including moving objects that make for a truly impressive spectacle.

You should also make sure to visit Caretta Shiodome which is close to the JR Shimbashi Station. The area here is literally covered with lights including projections mapped onto the walls of the buildings. there is also a remarkable illumination tunnel nearby. Another popular event with lights is the one held in Marunouchu Street.

Sunset over Tokyo

Photograph by Arto Marttinen via Unsplash

If you like Christmas trees you should make sure to visit one of Tokyo’s biggest trees in Odaiba. This looks fabulous as it illuminates the Rainbow Bridge nearby. There is also a Ferris Wheel which will allow you to get an even better view of the areas and the decorations. Fireworks are also organised amid various special events ideal for families all around Tokyo.

If you visit Tokyo with kids you should schedule a visit to the Tokyo Disney Resort. Many families visit Tokyo at this time of year since the Christmas festivals organised at the Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are simply amazing. Some of these include Christmas Fantasy and Christmas Wishes.

Crowded Tokyo

Photograph by Agathe Marty via Unsplash

Tokyo is the place to be for those who love shopping. Shopping is in fact considered as a focal activity of any trip to Tokyo as there are so many shops to go, including huge department stores. Shopping under the beautiful Christmas decorations will help you get festive and Christmassy. Some of the best places to go to include Shinuya and Ginza. There are also numerous Christmas markets to visit. The biggest ones are organised under the Tokyo Sky Tree on the outer deck of the Solamachi shopping mall.

Getting around in Tokyo is generally best done by means of trains and subways. You should go for a prepaid Pasmo or a Suica card. The card can be bought for as little as Y1,000 which also includes a Y500 refundable deposit. Children fares are also available.

Buses are another option though not as efficient as trains and subways. Taxis in Tokyo tend to be quite expensive so it may be best to rule them out.

The food in Tokyo is diversified. Christmas is basically an imported tradition here, and so most food is predominantly of Western origin. So you will find everything and anything without any particular specialty despite the fact that it is the festive season. There are obviously countless restaurants to choose from in Tokyo and you can basically go as special or as cheap as you want. A Christmas in Tokyo is quite secular, but it surely makes up for this with the grandiose way the surroundings are decorated.

Scenery of Seoul

Photograph by Sunyu Kim via Unsplash

Seoul, South Korea

The whole month of December is simply awesome in South Korea. There is a lot to see and do here and so it is a great holiday destination for the Christmas season, and definitely ideal for a family Christmas vacation as kids will undoubtedly have an unforgettable time.

For starters there is the famous Lotte World’s Christmas Festival. With plenty of floats, characters and performers parading, you will surely have a great time here.

Another great location is the Seoul Plaza’s outdoor skating rink. Apart from the beautiful area decorated with a massive Christmas tree, you are bound to have a great time here.

There are many festivals and celebrations organised throughout the month of December. The Lotte World is a famous amusement theme park which is awesome all year round but even more so at Christmas time. There are amazing shows and performances organised, with both indoor and outdoor areas being beautifully decorated especially for Christmas. Some of the most popular light shows include the Castle of Miracles and the Miracle Santa Village. Lotte World is definitely a must go-to for kids.

Another great location is Everland which is also a very popular amusement park in Korea where you will be able to feast your eyes on wondrous displays of lights as well as fireworks. The X-mas Parade is organised here, where kids will enjoy the Christmas characters parading along.

The Myeongdong Lights Festival and the Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival are also very nice events you could visit. There are ice fishing festivals, lots of places where to go skiing or sledding, countless Christmas concerts and lots to do and see in Seoul for Christmas.

Seoul, South Korea

Photograph by Yeo Khee via Unsplash

Getting around in Seould is best done by means of the subway. You can buy a card in many places including convenience stores, department stores and vending machines. Some of the most popular are the T-money card which is reloadable with a base fee of ₩3,000. Then there is the Seoul City Pass which enables you to ride on both buses as well as subways for up to 20 times daily. Passes cost ₩15,000 for one day, ₩25,000 for two days and ₩30,000 for three days of travelling. The Seoul subway trains are even cheaper, with a base fare of just ₩1350 for up to 10km along the line. Bus rides are quite a good option too as the bus system here is extensive and affordable. There are buses in different colours. The blue and green ones operate the main lines with single journey costing ₩1300. Yellow buses operate in main areas of downtown Seoul with tickets costing ₩1200 per ride, and the red buses run to the suburban areas outside the city, with prices at ₩2400 per ride.

Christmas food in Seoul generally features food such as the Bulgogi which is basically barbecued beef, accompanied by sweet potato noodles, and kimchi. Traditional roasted turkey is also served here. Christmas cake is prepared in a steamed fashion and decorated with fruits. There are also various Korean sweets served. Carolling parties are popular and even non-Christians like to attend a service on Christmas day. So here you will find a good mixture of traditions, which will help you feel quite at home as you celebrate Christmas time here, regardless of your preferences.

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with your family, and if you travel to a foreign country you will get to celebrate even more. You can create new memories to cherish for years to come as you appreciate the ways in which Christmas is celebrated away from home. There is no need to worry about breaking the bank as long as you choose and plan wisely. Different countries offer different kinds of options, and so in most cases you will be able to attend events which will make Christmas as special as can be for all the family members, young and old! There is so much to see and do in each place, and so it is important to plan your days carefully so as to try and include as many sights and places as possible. We hope that this overview of some of the best Christmas destinations will give you a head start to plan your upcoming Christmas holiday!