7 Creative Christmas games for friends and family




The Christmas holiday is a happy and joyful occasion for every family in all places around the world. The Christmas holiday is a period of celebration all around the world and it is the period of sharing and giving.

One of the most exciting things about the Christmas holidays is the idea of spending quality time with your family and friends and making happy memories. And the Christmas holiday is considered by a lot of people to be the biggest and the most exciting holiday of the year all around the world.

If you are planning to have a Christmas party, then, you should consider playing a good Christmas party game at the party. Apart from the fact that most people love a good Christmas party game, it is also a good way to break the ice and encourage the guests to start the interaction. However, if you want this Christmas party game to be good, then it is best that you choose a Christmas party game for groups based on your group dynamic and the Christmas party theme.

Below is a list of some of the best Christmas games for groups that will make your Christmas party more lively and fun.

1. Name that Christmas carol

This is a great Christmas party game for groups. First, you will divide the players into groups then you will play a few notes from a Christmas carol and have the groups guess the name of that carol. This can also be played as a pen and paper game where you will make music sheets containing different carols beforehand. Then, you will give them clues like jokes, rhymes and other facts that can help the groups to guess the name of the Christmas carol and the group that gets the most correct answer is the winner. Ask each group to guess the name of the Christmas carol. You can find music sheets for Christmas carols on the internet. And if you want to make the game more interesting, you can ask them to guess the name of the artist also. If you are a parent, make sure you give this game a go with your kids. Your kids will totally love it.

2. Christmas carol relay

The Christmas carol relay is a musical game that tests the players’ knowledge of Christmas carols. The players are divided into two groups. The first group starts singing the first verse of a Christmas carol and the second group begins singing a different Christmas carol as soon as the first group is done and the game goes on like that. The groups are not allowed to repeat a Christmas carol that they have sung before or has been sung by the other group and each group is only allowed five seconds to start a new Christmas carol. It is better to play this game before any Christmas carol are sung at the party. The group that takes longer than five seconds to start a new Christmas carol loses the game.

3. Christmas tree game

If you intend to play this game, you will require certain materials like ornaments on hooks, garland, a timer, tinsel, and green crepe paper. Divide the players into groups and provide each group with a roll of green streamers, garland, tinsels and ornaments. You will hold the timer and when the game is about to start, you will start the countdown (it should be up to about one minute). When the game starts, the groups will race to wrap one of their members in the streamer. This player now becomes the Christmas tree and needs to decorated quickly. The groups only have until the timer stops and the buzzer goes off to decorate their trees. Once the game is finished, a third party will vote on which group had the most beautiful and most creative Christmas tree and the group wins the game.

4. Marshmallow mouth

This game is so simple and easy to play and you will need marshmallow slingers. In order to make these marshmallow slingers, you will tie the opening of a balloon and then cut off the end. Cut the bottom of a paper cup and wrap the balloon around the bottom to replace it.

And now, to begin the game, the players will be divided into the pairs, provide a member of each group with a marshmallow slinger and a bowl that is full of mini marshmallows. Then, let the other members of each group move across to the other end of a table with their hands behind their back. Now the member of each group that is holding the marshmallow slinger will attempt to shoot five marshmallows into their teammates’ mouth. And the first group to shoot five marshmallows into their teammates’ mouth wins the game.

5. Reindeer antlers

This is also another great Christmas games that can be played by groups. In order to play this game, you will divide the players into groups of three members each. You will then give each group some materials like:

  • Two pieces of ribbon
  • A pair of pantyhose with the toes cut off
  • 15 balloons (you can add some more in case some of the balloons burst)

One member in each group will wear the pantyhose on their head. What the players need to do is to blow their balloons and stuff them in the pantyhose and then tie the toes closed used the ribbon. If you are playing this game, you can give out prizes for many things like the fastest finished (that is, the group that finishes first), the tallest standing (that is the most upright reindeer antler), the longest, the cutest (that is, the one that you find most beautiful and creative). You can also give out prizes for any other reasons you like.

6. The Christmas card hunt

This game requires a little preparation before it can be played. You will need to find enough small jingle bells for all the players to have one. These bells should be small enough to be hidden in a person’s hand and one of the bells should be painted or marked so that it can be distinguished from the rest of the bells. In order to begin the game, the players are then given the bells and then they will move around the room approaching other players and saying “Jingle Bells” the first player that says “Jingle Bells” is then given the opportunity to guess which of the other player’s hand holds their bell. If the player guesses correctly the hand of the other player that holds the bell, then the two players swap bells. The two players are not allowed to approach each other again but each of the players can approach and be approached by other players. The game continues and the players continue to move around the room swapping their bells for at least one minute until the leader tells them to stop. The player that is left holding the colored ball at the end of this round is out of the game and one of the uncolored bells is also removed from the game. The game goes on, one player and an uncolored ball are removed in each round until there are only two or three players left. The two or three players that are left are the winners of this game.

7. The Jingle bell shake or the Christmas bells game

This is a great Christmas party game for both kids and adults. It can be played with about four to six players in each round. Before the game begins, gather at least three old Christmas card for each player. You have to make sure that each Christmas card is different from the other ones. Cut the Christmas card in half and then place the top portion of the cards in a box and spread the bottom halves of the cards around the room or in one jumbled pile. In order to begin this game, the players will take one card from the box and try to find the other half of the card. And once a player matches his first Christmas card, the player can take another card from the box and match this one also and the game goes on in this manner. The first person to match three whole Christmas card wins the game. This game can be played for as many rounds as you like so that every player can participate.