Fun Christmas activities for kids in 2018



Christmas time is the most special time of the year, particularly for kids. There is so much activity going on, that kids are bound to love this period. It is also a great opportunity to spend more time with the rest of the family, decorate the house, participate in activities, attend parties and events, give and receive gifts, and of course, eat and have lots of fun!

If you have kids you know how ecstatic they get with all of this Christmassy stuff, and you end up having as much fun as they do! So, we would like to give you some fun Christmas activities that you could try out with your kids these Christmas holidays. There is no need to go on holiday, spend a lot of money, or go out of your way to have some fun-filled days to cherish this Christmas. After all, Christmas is all about family, love, and unison. For instanceโ€ฆ

Portrait of a girl wearing Christmas hat

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1. Organise a Christmas party!

This is something that most families look forward to as it is a great opportunity to invite uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives that you do not meet that often. It is a way of reuniting at least once a year, and kids and adults will love such an occasion alike. What is most important is that you use the family Christmas party to include your children in the preparation, as that will make them feel even better about it. So, you will ideally find ways to have them prepare particular dishes with you, and also organise any games that could be played by both kids and adults during the party.

2. Decorating

This goes without saying as everybody loves decorating the house for the Christmas period. Make sure to have your kids accompany you on trips when you go shopping for decorations. And, it is a good idea to devote some time to prepare at least one DIY decoration together. That is a great way to make decorating for Christmas even more special and memorable. There are countless Christmas ornaments that you could make together with some basic stuff. Kids love crafts and they will be even happier to hang or decorate with whatever they have made themselves, rather than just with store-bought ornaments.

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3. The Christmas tree

While you will be spending a considerable amount of time decorating the house for Christmas, there is something special about decorating the Christmas tree together as a family. Kids will enjoy hanging the baubles towards the lower part of the tree, and you could also encourage them to prepare some balls or decorations themselves to hang on to the tree. It is a special moment when the tree is all set with the lights and ornaments, and you switch it on to look ow beautiful and resplendent you all made it. Then, everybody can bring the wrapped up gifts under it!

4. Christmas cinema day

There are certain movies that make Christmas time even more enjoyable. As the kids will be home from school for several days during the Christmas recess, you could allocate an hour or two a day to watch some Christmas movies together as a family. Do not let TV time to be a way to get rid of the kids so as to do the chores. Watching Christmas movies together is actually a great way to reflect on the beautiful emotions the Christmas spirit brings around. Most of these movies will have a special message which will draw you closer together or help you realise how beautiful love and unity in a family is.

5. A Christmassy drive

Kids love Christmas decorations, and one Christmas activity that you will definitely all enjoy is a ride around town or even in neighbouring towns, to see the various street and neighbourhood decorations. Many homeowners decorate their front gardens and patios beautifully and kids will surely enjoy the various lights, inflatable figures, and displays as you listen to some Christmas songs in the car. It is a family ride with a difference, but a very enjoyable and memorable one.

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6. Christmas caroling

Choose some Christmas carols and team up with some of your kidsโ€™ friends and families to go Christmas caroling in the neighbourhood, or maybe in a home for the elderly. It will be an educational and entertaining activity that will make the Christmas spirit reach its maximum! You could also combine the activity with some voluntary or charitable work.

7. Snuggling up with a hot drink

On very cold nights there is nothing better than snuggling up in front of the fireplace and sip a hot drink. Kids will love this at Christmas time if you add something special to such nights. You could try some special drink every time, such as hot cocoa, warm spiced milk, homemade apple cider or warm butterbeer. And you could have some special Christmas sweets too. It will be a tasty way to spend the evening together as a family.

8. Christmas breakfast

It is common practice to organise a big Christmas dinner. However, some families seem to forget the fun they could have if they give the same kind of attention to Christmas breakfast. A special Christmas day breakfast can be really fun, especially since the kids will be so ecstatic on Christmas morning after opening the gifts Santa left under the Christmas tree. So, if you never tried it out, do try organising a special breakfast this Christmas morning!

9. Secret Santa

While giving and receiving gifts is a key part of Christmas, the phenomenon of Secret Santa has become increasingly popular. If you never tried it out you should give it a go this Christmas as it is really lots of fun. Try taking it to the next level by having some other relatives join in so that the โ€˜secretโ€™ of who bought the gift is even more difficult to unravel. Kids will definitely enjoy a Secret Santa activity, and if you organise a party with lots of relatives and friends, it could be the focal point of the whole event, and it really is lots of fun for both kids and adults!

Christmas is truly a special time, and it is these small moments and activities that you take part in together that make it so unique! So make the most out of these days to spend as much time together with your loved ones, and especially your kids!