Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As soon as Halloween time passes by, many people start to think about decorating their houses for Christmas.

For many, it is the most wonderful time of the year, just like the popular Christmas song states. So, decorating every part of the house is something that comes naturally for many families. This includes the outdoor areas, such as the garden or patio, and the house’s exterior. And here some people face some doubts about how to best go about. That is why we would like to offer you some practical tips and guidance in this Christmas outdoor decorations guide.

The guide contains three parts:

The entryway

Photograph by mindful_art via Pixabay

1. The entryway

As you approach your house, you want any guests to be welcomed by a nicely decorated entryway. There are various types of entryway decorations that you can opt for nowadays. The relatively affordable inflatable archways are becoming increasingly popular. You will find these in an assortment of themes, including candy canes and snowmen. These range between $50 and $100, so considering their size and the effect that they have they are not that costly. If you would like something more classical, you could set up an archway and attach garlands with Christmas lights to it. This may end up being more costly depending on the size of your entryway.

Christmas driveway

Photograph by Christmas Decor via freedb2

2. The driveway

The most popular option is to hang Christmas lights all along the driveway. This inevitably calls for some planning. You need to make sure that you have the practical necessities where to hang the lights and where to plug them in. The lights will need to be weatherproof. Prices depend on the number of lights you will be hanging, as well as whether you prefer multi-coloured or white lights. A good alternative to hanging lights are bulb pathway markers which can simply be placed into the ground by means of stakes, and still, create a nice effect all along your driveway or pathway leading up to your house. Prices for these depend on their shape and size, but the most affordable ones start from just $20 per pack of 10, with more expensive ones in varying shapes also being available too.

Christmas winter lights

Photograph by Adriaan Greyling via pexels

3. Outdoor nativity scenes

Setting up the nativity scene on your lawn is a very nice idea. There are several scenes to choose from, varying in sizes, with some coming with lights and others not. Apart from the traditional scene with Baby Jesus in the manger, Mary and Joseph beneath the stable, there are also add-ons available, such as the Three Kings, shepherds, and sheep. These come with adjustable stakes so that they can be easily inserted and adjusted wherever you like.

There are nativity scenes which come as just silhouettes shapes, and others which come in full colour. Prices start from around $25 for a simple silhouette scene to around $200 for coloured or more detailed ones. Some also decide to invest in a floodlight fixture with a stake that can make the scene more visible and appealing. These kinds of lights are available from as low as $12 and they do create a nice effect.

Cold snow holiday winter

Photograph by Public Domain Pictures via pixabay

4. Inflatable decorations

Inflatable figures and decorations are very cute and considering their size and the impact that they make, they are really affordable. A plump inflatable Santa Claus or a reindeer or snowman will look really nice on your lawn, or by your front door. And generally, you will find such large decorations for merely $30 to $50.

5. Animated projector lights

These are becoming increasingly popular especially when considering the enticing Christmassy effect they create at just $50. This projector simply needs to be installed facing the front of the house, and when lit up it will show different coloured images onto the wall, complete with sounds and music.

6. Outdoor lighting decorations

These kinds of decorations made from incandescent rope lights, have always remained popular for yards and lawns. Despite the fact that the bigger they are the more costly they get, these lighting decorations are known for the nice effect that they create as well as for their sturdiness and longevity. Typically you would spend around $300 for a large lighting decoration of this kind.

7. Decorative garden stakes

These come in varying types including varieties that light up. You will typically find popular Christmas characters, which are then placed into the grass by means of the stake, and they look really sweet dispersed on the lawn. Prices vary depending on the size of the decorations, and whether they light up or not. However, they typically range between $20 and $40.

Green and red Christmas wreath on door

Photograph by Matej via pexels

8. Decorating your doorway

A big wreath hanging in the middle of the door is practically a must. There are various kinds to choose from, varying in styles and sizes. From frosted pine cone wreaths to wreaths with deep green foliage, you can choose the type that most suits your preferences.

A garland hanging over your doorway makes a very nice effect and also complements the wreath. Garlands come in various lengths. There are plain ones and others that have all sorts of decorations attached to them. Prices start at about $15 for a simple plain garland and go close to $100 for long garlands with decorations. Then, there are garlands that also light up. In this case, prices start from around $30 for a garland of under 10 feet, but they can go up to around $300 for a really long light-up garland measuring 50 feet.

It is a nice idea to place ornaments on either side of your front door. This could be Christmas themed statues, inflatable figures or maybe a pair of small Christmas trees. Prices for statues that do not light upstart from around $40, whereas those that include lights could go up to some $300. Inflatable outdoor figures are more affordable, with prices typically starting from just $30 for a decently sized decoration. There are enormous inflatable decorations that are some 15 feet high, which are sold in the range of $300, but these are not ideally placed next to the front door. Small outdoor Christmas trees start from about $40. 

A nice Christmas themed carpet is a must. There are countless varieties to choose from, so the choice is literally endless!

Photo of woman sitting near the Christmas tree

Photograph by Nastya Sensei Sens via pexels

9. The Christmas tree

These are some popular outdoor decorations that you could set up in front of your house. Naturally, besides these relatively small decorations, you will want to set up a nice Christmas tree too, and here we will go into some detail about various options you could opt for in this regard.

There is no doubt that for many the Christmas tree remains the focal point of all Christmas decorations. Obviously, the type of tree you set up will depend on your budget as well as your preferences.

For those who have a limited budget and prefer something modern, there are spiral Christmas tree lights that can be set up outdoors. This is the simplest form you could opt for, with a metal base and pole around which you will then have a spiral rope light with a star at the top. These generally offer different lighting effects and come in different colors. Prices start from around $30 only.

Then you could opt for the more traditional looking Christmas tree. Needless to say, there are lots of different sizes of artificial Christmas trees that can be mounted outdoors that you can go for. These will not come cheap as their material will need to be UV and weather resistant. Prices vary the bigger the tree you choose, and the number of lights it has, if you prefer for it to come already equipped with lights. For a high quality, large Christmas tree measuring around 9 feet you might end up spending some $800. Prices will be less steep for shorter trees, and those that do not come pre-lit. You will also need to take into account the cost of decorations and ornaments, if any, that you would like to hand to the tree. It is important to make sure that the lights are approved for outdoor use.

If you prefer to go natural, you would want to buy a real Christmas tree. There are a number of suppliers and nurseries you could buy such a tree from, most of which offer different varieties which make for good value outdoor options. Some include the Norway Spruce, the Blue Spruce, and The Fraser Fir.

As you can see there are countless ways and means to decorate your house’s outdoor area for Christmas. The options are endless, and you can find something suitable for whatever your preferences and budget might be in the second part.