Outdoor Christmas estimated budget



We have been mentioning lots of different Christmas decorations, and chances are you are worrying that it is going to cost you a fortune to properly decorate your outdoors.

However, this does not have to be the case. There are various decorations that are affordable, and you do not have to break the bank to have a beautiful outdoor area for Christmas. First of all, some decorations are optional, whereas others can be prepared in a DIY fashion. Let us go over this in more detail to give you a better idea on a budget that you can be okay with.

The Christmas tree

Photograph via Pixabay

1. Simple & affordable

$175 – $250

If you want to keep your budget as low as possible, you can still have a beautiful Christmassy outdoor. On average you do need to spend between $175-$250 to do this.

The wreath

You will find a good sized one for around $8. There is no need for it to light up.

A garland around the front door

You will find nice ones for some $15.

The doormat

Lots of designs to choose from merely $4.

Mailbox decoration

No need to splurge money here. A simple large red box will suffice.

Pathway lights

These make a very nice effect and they are not costly. Just allow more space from one to another so as not to have to spend too many packs. You should be okay with about $50 worth of lights.

A nativity scene

Prices start from around $25 for a silhouette scene

An inflatable decoration

This will be the centre of attention. You will be able to find many to choose from, at fairly large sizes, starting from just $30.

Christmas tree

This is sort of a must-have for many. First, try to see if there is a real tree in your garden that could be decorated like a Christmas tree. This is the most affordable option as you will just need to spend money on lights and some decorations. Otherwise, you could opt for a modern spiral tree that costs just around $30. If you are comfortable spending a little bit more you could buy a real tree, which would generally cost you around $70, and decorate it with DIY decorations to save money.

LED projector

This is an affordable way to save up on string lights (which normally cost around $10 per 100 lights), while still having a nicely lit façade for Christmas time. Such projectors start from merely $50.

Christmas decoration

Photograph by Daria via pixabay

2. Medium size budge


While sticking to the above mentioned must-haves in the Simple and Affordable list, you could afford to spend a little bit more in terms of sizes, the number of lights, and amount of decorations.

The wreath

Could be one that lights up and maybe slightly bigger and more decorated. Price would typically be around $25.

The garland

Could be wider and more nicely decorated, so the price could be around $70.

The doormat

Could be more stylish, and so you might spend something in the range of $20.

Mailbox decoration

Could be more pronounced in size, and so you could spend about $25 on such an ornamental addition.

The nativity scene

Could be bigger, and instead of being a silhouette you may opt for coloured figures. Prices for such scenes are typically around $150.

The inflatable decoration

Could be one that lights up, or maybe an inflatable archway. Or you could opt for more than just one inflatable figure. Typically you might end up spending around $120 in such decorations if you decide to go for this budget category.

The Christmas tree

Will obviously call for more attention if you prefer to spend a bit more. It can be bigger, lit up more, and filled with more decorations. Typically you might spend around $200 on a decently sized real Christmas tree that is decorated and lit up more.

LED projector

At around $50 or more.

More pathway lights and figures on stakes

Probably amounting to some $120

Christmas decoration

Photograph by Tyler Delgado via Unsplash

3. Large size budge


In this case, you will want to go for all of the above, and add several other light-up decorations, more lights to light up your pathway, and of course, a really big Christmas tree, a Santa on a sleigh on your roof.

After this, you should be able to find something suitable for whatever your preferences and budget might be. In the next part, we will talk about how you can plan your Christmas decoration project, prepare all the necessities and most of all, how to stay safe!